Comparison is the Enemy


I had a few rough moments today, when I saw some art at a level I aspire to. I was going to laughing fall on the floor, pretending to be stuck dead by the art, but once I fell down, my inner critic took over, and punched me with a “you’ll never be that good.” Ouch. There were tears and tissues.

My lovely husband comforted me, and gave me the requisite cuddles, and told me he believed in me, seriously, and he asked me a question. “Is there anything you actually have fun drawing right now?” He asked me to answer as logically as I could, because of course my emotional internal answer was “nothing!” so I sat and thought before telling him that I enjoyed drawing the female main character I’ve been working on for a game. I simply haven’t finished designing her outfit, so she’s not wearing anything most of the time. She’s fun to draw, and uncomplicated.

Shamus, my husband, told me to draw her just as much as I wanted. If I spent the next three weeks just drawing that girl, then there was absolutely nothing wrong with that. I need to get back to having fun with drawing, because right now everything about it seems hard, even though I know I’ve seen improvement over the last month. I hope you like her as much as I do.